About us

Libyan Women NGO and the Chamber of Commerce Hispanic-Libyan

Libyan Women NGO is the Chamber of Commerce Hispanic-Libyan entity dedicated to gender equality, education and the empowerment of the libyan women and girls.

This NGO is free for its associates and was born as a result of the warlike situation endured for years by Libyan women, to help overcome the war and the inequalities that it has meant for women and begin a period of reconstruction of the country, as well as claim the place of women in Libya.

We work with governments and civil society to design courses, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that benefit women and girls in Libya.

We have developed a series of courses to achieve our lines of action.

Training is the basis of our NGO and we want to offer it free or subsidized to our associates.

We provide training for women to help build their capacities, and offer voter and civic education and sensitization campaigns on gender equality.

Likewise, we can also offer guaranteed courses with reduced prices by agreements with the Universities and Ministries.

We want to take a step forward and train women in innovation and technology who provides unprecedented opportunities to break trends and reach those who are the most likely to be left behind.